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GVB Should Be Privatized

GVB Should Be Privatized

GVB Should Be Privatized

JeffHaving watched the Guam Visitors Bureau operate for half a century, I am totally upset always in the lack of performance to enhance our tourism industry and make Guam nicer for visitors and residents alike.

I think the following would work if GVB could possibly pull any of it off:

  • Paint and clean up Tumon everywhere. Have Public Works inspect all buildings and force the owners to enhance or destroy them. No more eyesores. Old vacant buildings collecting rats and other undesirable species need to go away. The back of many restaurants needs cleaning up too. Vacant lots must be kept clean too. Parking lots need repairs and drainage assistance all over Tumon.
  • Work with Public Health to provide comprehensive monthly sanitary inspections of all restaurants and food establishments serving the public. Now it's yearly or so.
  • Put GVB workers physically on the street to ensure tourists are assisted and comfortable here. Provide help for those victimized by frequent crimes on Guam.
  • Encourage travel outside of Tumon. Highways are in poor condition -- most need repaving and we need organized signage all around the island (and) a way of showing the right lane is for traveling here, opposite of Japan's roads, is needed.
  • Cameras should to be installed all over the island to catch criminals and cite traffic violators. GVB could help with this.
  • Dependable round-the-island public transportation is needed for tourists and residents. Visitors must pay $200 to travel around the island from Tumon. Residents needing to work outside of their villages in the tourism industry cannot depend on public transport.
  • GVB should do more to assist private enterprises to be successful. In turn, this provides jobs and more tax revenue to the government. Assisting pet government-sponsored activities like huge crafts fairs simply waste money with no return at all.

GVB, like all government agencies here, operates on a low standard of performance. The good GVB employees are hindered by political decisions and self-serving status quo ideals and ongoing programs.

In closing, I think we should work toward privatizing GVB and allow the business people of Guam make all the decisions concerning our tourism. It works quite well that way in Hawaii.

Ipan Talofofo

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