Japanese Glass Fishing Floats

If you live on Guam or have visited Guam, chances are you know all about one of Guam’s most notable landmarks, Jeff’s Pirates Cove, located in beautiful Ipan, Talofofo. But one of Guam’s hidden treasures is the Seaside Museum located at Jeff’s Pirates Cove.
At the Seaside Museum, you will find many interesting collections. One of the exhibits there is the Japanese Glass Fishing Floats. These beautiful glass floats, which are prized collector’s items, were used by the Japanese to hold their large fishing nets afloat out on the high seas. Millions of these floats were lost and are still floating around in the world’s oceans today. What is unique about these floats is the beautiful glass that they were made from and their various shapes. They are usually obtained while beach-combing the Pacific ocean’s northern hemisphere beaches, especially after a storm.
These glass floats have such a deep history. They have traveled the world’s oceans for who knows how long before they washed up on shore and are one of the most sought after beach-combing collectibles that one can find. If you find one of these gorgeous glass floats, you have possibly found something that has been traveling the world’s oceans longer than you have been alive. They really are amazing. And yes, they can be worth quite a bit.
So, if you are in the Ipan, Talofofo area, make it a point to stop by Jeff’s Pirates Cove Seaside Museum and check out his collection as well as all the other interesting and exciting exhibits that Jeff’s has on hand. Maybe the Pirate himself will give you a personal tour. You’ll be glad you did.

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