Japanese Machine Gun Bunker

Jeff’s Pirates Cove is located in the beautiful southern village of Ipan-Talofofo. The site that Jeff’s sits on is very rich in history. It has been the purported mooring location for Malay Pirates back in the “old days”. And the area was also the site of an ancient Chamorro village, the indigenous islanders of Guam. However, one of the most notable periods in Guam history was the Japanese occupation of Guam during World War II. 
There are many remnants of those days and one of those is right here, beach-side, at Jeff’s Pirates Cove. It is a Japanese machine gun bunker. Now the pirate himself says that this bunker and many more that are scattered throughout the island were built by the locals during WWII via forced labor under threats of death by their Japanese occupiers. This was very common back in those horrific days. You may learn more about the different eras in the history of Guam at this site:
Bullet fragment embedded in the concrete bunker.
It’s amazing to think about what impact this bunker played upon the history of Guam.
For more information on the Liberation of Guam during World War II you can go here.
There are many more little pieces of Guam history for you to explore at Jeff’s Pirates Cove. So if you are on Guam or in the area, make sure you stop on by. Who knows, maybe even the Pirate Jeff himself, will give you “the tour”.
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