The Story of

Sgt. Shoichi Yokoi

The infamous World War II Japanese straggler Sgt. Soichi Yokoi. Sgt. Yokoi spent 28 years hiding and surviving in the jungles of Guam after World War II was over.

Interesting collections

Japanese Glass Fishing Floats

These beautiful glass floats are prized collector’s items, used by the Japanese to hold their large fishing nets afloat out on the high seas.

The WW2

Japanese Machine Gun Bunker

The Japanese machine gun bunker. Now the pirate himself says that this bunker and many more that are scattered throughout the island were built by the locals during WWII via forced labor.

Arrr... tastier than you can imagine

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Jeff's Seaside Museum

If you are a World War II history buff and have followed the war in the Pacific involving the Nation of Japan and the Japanese Imperial Army against the military forces of the United States, you have got to get yourself down to Jeff’s Pirates Cove’s Seaside Museum. Here you will find the largest photo exhibition on Guam of the infamous World War II Japanese straggler Sgt. Soichi Yokoi. Sgt. Yokoi spent 28 years hiding and surviving in the jungles of Guam after World War II was over.

Jeff's Pirate Bar

Let the good times roll

What our customers are saying:

Stopped by to eat lunch with friends from the nearby village, Yona. Barbecue was delicious, the fried tortillas perfectly cooked, and the tzatziki was the best I've tasted on the Island. It was sort of hot, but the breeze from the ocean was nice and cooling. I only wish that i could have stayed longer to take in the beautiful beach scenery. If you ever drive around the Island, be sure to stop by and make time to unwind in one of the awesome places that really welcome you to Guam!

– CPFam

Enjoyed the place very much . Great food : burgers , chicken wings , gyros, Milk shakes, Chamorro food, etc . What makes it wonderful is the back drop of open beach and fresh air. You can actually walk over across a grass garden to the beach and take a dip after your meal if you like , or maybe just wade in the crystal clear waters . And there's free soft serve ice cream after your meal . Great friendly service ! And they have a gift shop and clean restrooms . As a tourist , I really enjoyed the place -all good vibes !

– TRavelBug232323

Jeff’s Pirates Cove is definitely on any short list for a Guam visit. A casual beach bar and grill a bit further down the island so you can enjoy the drive down thereOne of the first places I visited on Guam and had a personal welcome by the man himself. Jeff’s Famous 1/2 lb burger is touted as Guam’s Best Burger. It’s definitely on my short list. Mine was cooked well with a surprisingly juicy patty& extra points for the great potato wedge style fries here & at Mosa’s. There’s a good mix of locals enjoying lunch, beers, along with the great beachfront view. It closes early so don’t head over once the sun sets. Good beer selection with bottles. Had a Colorado IPA that I haven’t seen in Guam. Has a gift shop for island souvenirs. Water is set up for guests to grab and once you finish your meal, you’re treated to a soft service ice cream

– DrJ_2_007

We have gone to Jeff’s two times in two days. We have Had the burger, gyro platter, ahi sashimi and the marlin salad. All were delicious. The feta cheese is amazing! Our child recommends the grilled cheese and chocolate shake. The kitchen isn’t super speedy, but we didn’t go for fast food, we went for good food. The atmosphere is great, so we were perfectly content. If you give the register your ID, you can check out the basketball and shoot hoops while you wait.

– J_H

We arrived at Jeff's about 2:00 PM local. It's a unique place that offers the typical tourist stuff one finds around the island. There were two things that set it apart. The staff and the food! We had great burgers. Enjoyed the atmosphere so much that we will return again tomorrow for seafood. Note...They make a killer Mai Tai there! Open, roomy area with gorgeous beach views. Stop by and say hello to Jeff and his crew. If you're lucky, they won't make you walk the plank!

– Doug L

Jeff’s is off the beaten path that you have to take a beautiful drive to get to. Once there you will find plenty of parking and a gift shop with all the regular tourist items at a little cheaper than you would pay in town. The restaurant itself is large with a huge bar in the middle. It is right on the water with an incredible view. The service is fast, efficient, and friendly. Not just your average friendly but truly wanting to make sure you are having a good experience in a caring way. I had a very nice chicken, ribs, and orange rice that was delicious. The person who took our order also brought a jar full of home made sauce with onions and peppers in it. She took the time to show me how to use the sauce with the meal and it really made a great difference. I definitely recommend this restaurant and think you would be missing out if you didn’t try it at least once when you are in Guam.

– 539vincec

We found the food here very good. After driving round the south of the island this was the perfect stopping point for a meal. They have a nice spot to sit with a view of the beach. A good choice of dishes and multiple seafood choices. The fried mahi mahi was delicious and came with a great side salad and the red rice was also very good. I also tried the fresh ahi which was great value and as fresh as can be. Service was very nice too.

– Global_Traveller11

We stopped by for lunch for our round-the-Island tour! The establishment is right on a beautiful beach, outdoor seats open up to a nice ocean view! We ordered fish taco which was great as fish is fresh, we had also seafood platter with fresh and nice shrimp, fish and squid.

– So_Winnie

You've got to check this place out!! I thought the food, atmosphere and view were AWESOME!! Give it a try!!

– Chris Thompson

I’ve never had a bad experience at Jeff’s Pirates Cove. Great food and great service.

– Donna Parr

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